Blue Ocean Health Services is part of the Chubb Trusted Network.

Blue Ocean Health Services is excited to offer Chubb clients our medical consulting services to help you safely prepare and host family gatherings and events during the holidays. Our physician and owner, Dr. Kara Farley, has direct experience in the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. She served as a flight surgeon for the US Navy during the early days of the pandemic. She has combined this experience and her education to offer valuable services to the help our nation recover during these unprecedented times.. Through our partnership with CHUBB, Blue Ocean Health Services will provide expert advice for event and holiday party planning to keep your family, home and guests safe celebrating holidays through the pandemic. Along with expert advice on how to plan large events for charity and your own businesses (including planning, testing, spacing, temperature checks, etc.), we also offer use of our COVID-19 screening applications for screening prior to events or work.

What We Offer


  • Physician advice
  • Firsthand military experience during the pandemic
  • Recommendations on testing/contract tracing
  • Use of daily COVID-19 screening app for your business or event
  • Best practices for limiting COVID-19 spread

Are you interested in signing up for our COVID-19 Screening Application?


  • Consulting for an event – $300
  • Medical director services for 24/7 support – $150 a month
  • App usage – Please see website for pricing, for CHUBB clients I will offer a 50% discounted set up fee

Would you like more information about Blue Ocean Health Services? Please contact us! We would be happy to serve you.


Phone: 817-835-6363