Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

We are woman and veteran owned and run company that aims to continue to flatten the curve and prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19 throughout the community. We will accomplish this goal through protocol implementation and testing for businesses. We strongly feel this is the only way to continue to slow the spread of disease.

Our individualized protocols will be tailored to your specific office and work flow. They will include day to day measures to limit transmission in the work environment. It will also include education of your team members and review of any COVID-19 cases. In your office with safe return to work protocols.  COVID-19 antibody testing will also be provided and viral testing for potential asymptomatic carriers. All these measures will help to increase your overall productivity and limit the rapid spread of COVID-19 with in your work place.

Why partner with Blue Ocean Health Services?

Businesses will continue to face many concerns during re-opening post quarantine. Some of these concerns include decreased employee moral due to COVID-19, work time missed due to perceived or actual illness, loss of productivity due to mis-information from the media and lack of ability to maintain testing and medical education/treatment for COVID-19. Blue Ocean Health Services will help lower expenses in other areas of your business, increase your employees productivity, keep your employees healthy and ultimately create the lowest risk environment for the spread of COVID-19 with in your unique business environment.

What is the meaning behind "Blue Ocean"?

My wonderful husband came up with the company name. He has a business background and taught me the meaning of blue ocean strategy. Blue ocean strategy opens up new possibilities that are not available to organizations operating within the existing cost-value structure. It expands the universe as to what is possible, often enabling higher value at lower cost. I thought this was fitting to our mission. To provide a needed service in a new market which will provide a great value and help lower overall cost and risk to businesses.

How will Blue Ocean decrease my risk as an employer?

The EEOC has recently issued guidance stating that individuals with coronavirus pose a direct threat to co-workers, and employers can screen for COVID-19. They also recommend office space protocols, PPE with in the office and physician guidance for returning to work. Finally, COVID-19 PCR testing is very limited and at best still has a false negative rate of 20%. Guidance in the medical community recommends physician clinical judgement for the diagnosis of COVID-19, instead of testing. Blue Ocean will provide healthcare services and create and implement these policies within your individual workspace, ultimately decreasing risk, increased productivity and morale.