VA Nexus Letters

Simple and cost-effective way access independent medical opinions for VA Nexus Letters .


No cost initial pre-screening consult done via phone to discuss your individual needs.


If we believe we can provide you with a positive medical opinion we will recommend provide you with pricing options. We recommend our flat fee pricing, which is outlined below, as it is the least costly and has the fastest turnaround. Full payment for each step needs to be received prior to completion of each step in the process.


All nexus letters require a Record Review and Strategy Consult.  We offer discounts if more than one opinion is needed (Mental and Physical Health) or an Exam/DBQ is completed with a nexus letter at the same time.

We do not complete mental health DBQs.

Step 1

Initial Phone Consultation

Step 2

Record Review and Strategy Consultation

Step 3

Nexus Letter Completed and Delivered

Dr. Farley has extensive experience in the VA and military system. She served as a naval flight surgeon and was a military physician for nine years. She has also worked as an independent VA disability examiner since separating from the military.

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Physical and mental health opinions require separate medical experts and nexus letters
Costs associated with any medical record retrieval will be separately invoiced

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